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Efficient Engineers (I) Pvt Ltd, India (The Company is solely owned by Mr. Ketan Patel, who is an Engineering graduate.) was conceived in 1985 by a team of enterprising technocrats. In India we are prime Electrical Mechanical Project Contractors of the state. Backed by the technical prowess of engineering giant and a vast range of products including Pumps, Motors, Valves, Diesel Generating Sets, Transformers, Energy Improvement Coatings, we grew from strength to strength.

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We at Efficient Engineers (I) Pvt Ltd deal in Engineering products related to consuming & generating power like pump sets, diesel generating sets, gas compressors and allied electrical-mechanical equipment mentioned here..

Solar Energy Management

The Company was considering blogging about some factual details and arguments for the use of solar power; details about its benefits and economic advantages and why a typical Indian consumer, whether business or household, should invest in a solar generation solution. The Company could have written about the triple bottom line – People, Planet and Profit.  About how all of the “smart companies do it”.  And finally, we would have finished with something along the lines of: READ MORE >>

Energy Management & Conservation for Pump Sets

Conserving the energy is a smart act to take more work from the machinery at comparatively low operational & maintenance cost. This provides Win-Win situations to the client or customer, and the consultant or the machinery seller, supplying tailor made machinery, and not the conventional standard motor-pump sets.


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